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Success Stories

Here are the stories of just a few of the people who we have helped. Want to support our work? Learn more about how you can support us.

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Pain in Paula’s every word

When Paula called our HelpLine, you could hear pain in every word she said. Paula had serious dental issues, including teeth that were broken at the gumline. She was unable to eat solid foods and was in constant pain. She needed to have all of her teeth extracted in order to return to a normal life. Her current coverage did not cover any dental services, and she could not afford the high costs she was quoted by local providers. We were able to connect her with an organization that provides donated dental care to those who qualify. Paula got the services she so desperately needed in October, as well as a donated set of dentures, and can enjoy the foods she had to avoid before.

David’s Daughter with Lyme Disease

After an initial denial by the insurance company, David contacted us because his daughter Kate, age 26 and battling chronic Lyme Disease, was being kicked off his health plan. We worked with him to convince the insurer that Kate qualified to stay on as a dependent adult and now she is getting the care she needs. CAHC assisted in saving this family thousands in medical bills.

Michelle helps her patients get the care they need

As a licensed social worker at Mainer General Medical Center, Michelle Begin frequently helps her patients navigate through Maine’s health Care systems, particularly the MaineCare program. With health care laws and eligibility rules continually changing, it can be hard for Michelle to always know every part to every rule. Instead, she uses CAHC as her resource for information and assistance, which lets her focus more of her time on helping her patients. In one case, CAHC helped Michelle get one of her patients enrolled in MaineCare, which allowed him to get the care he needed to go back to work. According to Michelle, in most of the cases she has had CAHC help her with, her patients have ended up qualifying for something. To hear more about Michelle’s experiences with CAHC, watch her testimonial here.

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