Advocating the right to quality, affordable health care for every person in Maine.
Consumer Assistance HelpLine


Consumer Assistance Program

The Maine Attorney General and the Maine Superintendent designated Consumers forAffordable Health Care as the Maine Health Insurance Consumer Assistance Program with support of a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in 2010.

We provide free assistance to help you:

  • Get your medical bills paid
  • File appeals with insurance companies
  • Understand your rights and responsibilities under your insurance contract
  • Understand whether you are eligible for a tax credit for health insurance or other programs as an individual or a small business

Need help with health insurance? Call our Consumer Assistance HelpLine at 1-800-965-7476 or send us an email.

Has your  insurance company denied a claim? For information and help on filing an appeal, check out our guide!

And don’t forget to check out our Guide to Maine Health Care for other programs and resources that may help you.

The work we do is made possible through the support of individuals like you.

IMPORTANT: If your 2017 health insurance plan was discontinued, you may qualify for an extension to sign up for a new plan until March 1, 2018.

The Open Enrollment period to get health insurance for 2018 ended on December 15, 2017. Open Enrollment is the time of year you can sign up for health insurance. If you don’t have any insurance, you might have to pay a fine when you file your taxes.

If you didn't sign up during Open Enrollment, you may be able to get a Special Enrollment Period to sign up now if you have a qualifying life event, like loosing other insurance, getting married or having a baby.

You can also apply for MaineCare anytime of year!

Check out our Guide to Maine Health Care or call our HelpLine at 1-800-965-7476 to learn more and find out what you can qualify for!

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