Advocating the right to quality, affordable health care for every person in Maine.
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Looking for Affordable, Quality Health Care

We operate a toll-free HelpLine through our Consumer Assistance Program for Maine people who do not have health coverage or who have problems with their current health coverage. If you would like more information, visit our HelpLine page or call us today at 1-800-965-7476.

For general information about programs like MaineCare, Maine Rx Plus, Hospital Programs and more, you can also visit our online Guide to Maine Health Care.

Health Coverage Workshops

By getting just a little bit of knowledge, you can make a difference by helping people get the coverage they need. For more information, or if you would like us to speak at an event or do a custom training, you can visit our Events page or call 1-800-838-0388. New! Download a PDF copy of our current Workshop Schedule Brochure!

Accurate, Unbiased Information

Unlike any other organization in Maine, 100% of our time and energy is focused on health coverage. Our interests and motivations are simple – quality, affordable health care for hardworking Mainers. We can do part of this job by helping people find the programs currently available. The other part of this job is looking at the big picture to see what the problems really are and the best way to solve them. Visit our Policy pages for more information, or sign up to stay informed.

Giving Consumers a Meaningful Voice

We are organized to give consumers an equal voice in legislative and other decision making forums. In recent years, Maine lawmakers have been actively pursuing health care reforms that make health coverage available to more people. This can save lives. But lawmakers and the media need to see what the problems really are before they can be fixed. They need to hear from real people, not just paid lobbyists, about the real problems that we are facing. Share your story or contact us for more information.

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