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March 2009 Newsletter

Gov.’s Plan to Help Insure Laid-off Mainers is Good-But We Need to Act Fast!

A CAHC HelpLine Caller Spoke Up, Was Heard, and Made a Difference

Consumers for Affordable Health Care (CAHC) is thrilled with Governor John Baldacci’s new efforts to use some federal stimulus money to make health insurance more affordable to Maine people who recently lost their jobs and with that their health insurance. We are hoping the Maine Legislature passes this new plan, and does so quickly! With deadlines on how long laid-off workers have to apply for federal assistance, getting this extra state help into place immediately is crucial for thousands of hard-working Maine families.

CAHC Welcomes Darcy Shargo!

darcyConsumers for Affordable Health Care is excited to welcome Darcy Shargo as our new Health Policy Advocate. Darcy will be primarily responsible for research and policy analyses; collaborating and communicating with Coalition partners; and serving as the Maine Cardiovascular Health Program policy analyst. In addition she may assist with lobbying, staffing policy subcommittees and coalition recruitment.

More Consumers Showed Up to Anthem Rate Hearings than Ever…

Nearly 200 people attended the three public hearing held by the Superintendent of Insurance on the rate hike request. This compares with the 4-12 people who’ve attended rate increase hearings in past years. Click here for more information about this topic.

March 22-28 was ‘Cover the Uninsured Week’

Maine’s come far since 1994 Health Reform Debate-
But still has a ways to go

It’s been 15 years since our nation has had a serious discussion about health reform. Over the years what has been a bad situation has only gotten worse. The health care system in Maine and the nation has been pushed to the breaking point.

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MaineShare 20th Anniversary

Congratulations and thank you for 20 years of sharing!


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Cherilee Budrick
Communications Coordinator

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IMPORTANT: If your 2017 health insurance plan was discontinued, you may qualify for an extension to sign up for a new plan until March 1, 2018.

The Open Enrollment period to get health insurance for 2018 ended on December 15, 2017. Open Enrollment is the time of year you can sign up for health insurance. If you don’t have any insurance, you might have to pay a fine when you file your taxes.

If you didn't sign up during Open Enrollment, you may be able to get a Special Enrollment Period to sign up now if you have a qualifying life event, like loosing other insurance, getting married or having a baby.

You can also apply for MaineCare anytime of year!

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