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June 2009 Newsletter

“Health Care Bill of Rights,” Needed for Maine

An important health care transparency bill, LD 1205– “An Act to Establish a Health Care Bill of Rights,” sponsored by Representative Sharon Treat, will likely be voted on by the Maine Legislature any day now. Contact your legislators to let them know how important this bill is to you:

MaineCare opens up to Single Adults without Children

Thousands of So-Called “Non-Categoricals” Could Finally Get Insurance

For the first time in more than a year MaineCare is enrolling “non-categorical” adults into the program-that is childless adults, who are not pregnant or disabled and are between the ages of 21-64.

CAHC’s HelpLine is Giving Real Help to Maine People

The Washington County Career Center recently requested CAHC to present on Health Coverage Options for Laid-off Workers. At the presentation, CAHC Outreach staff met a woman who had been insured through her husband’s job since 1990. When her husband was laid off this spring her life was thrown into crisis as she faced loss of her insurance along with his job. Disabled since 2004, she had used Medicare as a secondary insurance which picked up costs that the primary private insurance didn’t cover. With the loss of her husband’s income, they could not pay for these uncovered costs on their own.

CAHC’s Outreach and Education Efforts

From Portland to Calais-CAHC Educates on Health Coverage. Our Outreach and Education Staff kept busy this past month with half a dozen workshops, trainings and exhibits. Staff met with laid off workers in Calais to discuss possible health coverage options with them. Working with the Career Center there, we were able to talk with some of the 500 recently laid off workers on topics ranging from the health care tax credit to COBRA and Dirigo to free or low cost coverage options such as MaineCare.

CAHC in the News

Reactions to the Healthcare Savings Pledge

5/12/09 MPBN By: Tom Porter
“We believe that over 30 percent of all spending in healthcare in Maine as well as in the United States is spent on services that are ineffective, duplicative and inefficient,” says Joe Ditre, Executive Director of Consumers for Affordable Healthcare, a non-profit dedicated to helping Maine people obtain affordable, quality healthcare. Ditre believes the $2 trillion in savings is a highly achievable goal. His main concern is that these savings find their way to the consumer – especially the 124,000 Mainers who are currently estimated to be without health insurance.

House Shoots Down Out-of-State Health Insurance Proposal

5/13/09 MPBN By: AJ Higgins
To read full story, click here.

Anthem Plots Next Move In Wake of Rejected Proposal

5/20/09 MPBN By: Josie Huang
To read full story, click here.

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Cherilee Budrick
Communications Coordinator

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IMPORTANT: If your 2017 health insurance plan was discontinued, you may qualify for an extension to sign up for a new plan until March 1, 2018.

The Open Enrollment period to get health insurance for 2018 ended on December 15, 2017. Open Enrollment is the time of year you can sign up for health insurance. If you don’t have any insurance, you might have to pay a fine when you file your taxes.

If you didn't sign up during Open Enrollment, you may be able to get a Special Enrollment Period to sign up now if you have a qualifying life event, like loosing other insurance, getting married or having a baby.

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