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Medical Debt and Bill Collectors

Don’t let your bills go to collections.

If you want to appeal a service or treatment you’ve already had, you may start getting bills for that service from your doctor. Don’t ignore your medical bills.

Call your doctor’s office right away.

  • Tell them that you want to appeal the denial. Ask if they will wait until after the appeal to bill you.
  • Or, pay the whole bill or set up a monthly payment plan for an amount you can afford. If you win your appeal, you’ll get back money you paid that should have been covered by your plan.

Have debt collectors called or sent you letters?

If you have questions about your rights in the debt collection process, call Pine Tree Legal at 207-774-8211 or visit

Check out the Medical Debt & Billing Guide

This Tool kit guide from the Maine Youth Transition collaborative has information and steps specifically for former foster youth on avoiding or dealing with medical debt. However, much of the material and steps will apply to anyone.

You may have the right to an appeal

In most cases you have appeal rights but it’s complicated. Find more information about appeals in Maine at this link.