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Jameson’s story

Dismantling the ACA would hurt Maine’s creative community In 2017, nearly 80,000 Mainers enrolled in health coverage through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace. That number includes many artists and creative workers. Jameson, a creative director from Portland, purchased coverage through the Marketplace upon returning to Maine from New York City. “I… MORE

Sara’s story

Sara Kahn-Troster is concerned for the future of health care. “I am a 38-year-old cancer survivor. I am lucky enough to have excellent health coverage through my husband’s job, but I am all too aware of the many pieces of the Affordable Care Act that were designed to protect people… MORE

Baby Sam’s Story

Every doctor’s visit, and every test, told Alyce the same thing: her pregnancy was perfect, and her baby was healthy. Her son, Sam, “charmed everyone in the delivery room with his good looks” when he was born. But then things took a turn. Sam’s condition deteriorated in the first few… MORE

Tammy’s Story

When Tammy’s husband was injured and lost his employer health coverage a few years back, Tammy was left with a mountain of health concerns and more questions than answers. Her home-based small business, doing printing and embroidery, didn’t make enough to cover the high cost of insurance. “Let’s put it… MORE

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